Maryam Hina Hasnain was born in Karachi, Pakistan (b.1992). After completing her secondary education she moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to study a diploma in Fine art. Moving from one post colonial context to another helped her explore ideas of belonging and identities in flux. She relocated to London to further pursue fine art at Goldsmiths, University of London; where she received a BFA in 2019. Maryam is currently enrolled at Chelsea College of Art and Design, UAL pursuing a Masters in Fine Art. Her practice is underpinned by an interest in trade, empire, migration, borders and citizenship. These themes are explored through a variety of mediums; paintings, sound scapes, installations and textile interventions. Her most recent work looks at cross overs between digital histories and textile making. She is an active member of two artist collectives Neulinge (2018) and Forum Collective (2020). She views public arts engagement, the reframing of contextual and curatorial frameworks as natural extensions of her practice. She lives and works between Karachi and London